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VibroAcoustic Training

By VibroAcoustic Therapy International

VibroAcoustic Therapist Course, Level One

Course contents:

1. A Sound Education

An overview of the healing power of sound – historical and current, relationship to allopathic medicine

2. Introduction to VibroAcoustic Therapy

What is VAT, how it is used, history and how the equipment works

3. VAT Pioneers

Introducing the people who have done so much work to make VAT a viable modality, how they have approached the science, what it means to your practice

4. Research

Who can benefit, why, how, under what circumstances, published research

5. Choosing Frequencies

With the 8 frequency programs included in this course – what to choose, when, how, for whom, whether to add music or not

6. Choosing Music

How to choose recorded music or make your own for the particular client

7. The Session

What it is, how to approach the client, how to tell them what to expect – includes intake and assessment material

8. Developing your Business

Materials and discussions on how to make a viable practice of vibroacoustic therapy

Course one materials include 8 proprietary frequency programs.

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This course is the property of Kate Kunkel and VibroAcousticTherapy International. Copyright 2016.